You have come to one of the most remote and wildly beautiful deserts in the world, home to the original famous ‘Atlanta Stove Works’ factory. In 1889, the year that Benjamin Harrison took office as President of the United States, the Atlanta Stove Works brought to Atlanta a revolutionary idea in the field of cooking, the Barrett Range, made of cast iron.

A brand new plant on Krog Street was built the first year in the business. The interior is much the same as the original explorers found it. You can experience anew the thrills they found on your own journey of discovery.

Young Ford Fry

‘Superica,’ located now in the fully restored factory, features a colorful dining room where delicious Mexican and American foods are served. You may know this as ‘Tex-Mex’ cuisine. Here, authentic products of craftsmanship are displayed along with curios that may be obtained. The atmosphere of the Old West has been preserved for the enjoyment of all guests.

Kevin Maxey Young

Two decades later another Superica was open in the former ‘El Tigre’ Restaurant. The dining room depicts early Texas during the forging of the Western and Southwestern United States. In 1906 a wealthy family built the grand old El Tigre building on the east side of the historic Roswell Road Plaza, and until the latter part of the century the building was occupied by diners from all over the region.

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